Tuesday, September 14, 2010

It's Pat

Lately, I've been writing about stuff I like.  Now I'm going to review something I hate, because it is really stupid.  That movie would be It's Pat, a movie based on Saturday Night Live sketches about a person who no one could tell if it is a man or a woman.  Those sketches were funny, just seeing how hard people would try to figure out if its (I'm using "it" as a pronoun, keep in mind) and Pat being oblivious to any suspicion and staying its optimistic self.  While some of that spirit is in It's Pat, the movie is still dumb and unfunny.

Julia Sweeney, who played Pat on SNL, plays Pat in It's Pat and Dave Foley, from The Kids in the Hall, plays another androgynous person (or male/female thing), Chris.  While a woman is playing Pat and a man is playing Chris, there is still no way I would refer to the characters as he or she.  I remember a Pat sketch where Dana Carvey plays a different Chris character, but it was probably a good thing he didn't appear in this movie.  Chris seems to be the smartest character, while Pat is just a real obnoxious dope.  The only thing this movie has going is the questionable androgyny, and even that doesn't carry this movie.

The main premise of It's Pat is that Pat is trying to look for a job, while having a relationship with Chris and it is being stalked by a guy named Kyle who is obsessed with figuring out Pat's gender.  Pat's quest  to find a career just show how stupid and obnoxious Pat can be.  Pat becomes a mail person (not mail man), but it opens everyone's mail.  Pat first seems like someone who is right in its mind and opening people's mail should get Pat thrown in jail, since tampering with other people's mail is a federal offense.  Pat also becomes a sushi chef, which in itself seems completely out of place.  Just to show how Chris is the only person right in its head, Chris is a bartender and has been doing so for 10 years and has a college degree, but Chris likes to bar tend because it likes it.  Any job Pat gets, Pat will instantly screw up, regardless of its difficulty.

Another plot that is in this movie is of this guy named Kyle becoming obsessed with figuring out Pat's gender.  He becomes so obsessed that his wife leaves him and he then becomes Pat (if that's even possible).  He thought he could expose Pat's identity by getting it on national television, but that only leaves America as baffled as he is.  Somewhere along the line, he gets Pat's diary (which leads to maybe the only other remotely clever joke) and even that does not tell him anything.  Figuring out nothing from Pat's diary just raises even more questions.  There is even a scene where everyone looks a Pat's genitals, except Kyle, yet Kyle does not even bother asking anyone what they saw.  I could go on about Kyle and Pat, but it is pretty clear just how much the audience is being teased about Pat's gender.  Okay, one more.  If Kyle is so obsessed with Pat, why doesn't he just sneak into Pat's apartment and stick a video camera in its bathroom?  Pat has to pee sometime.

It's Pat does more of a job showing how even more obnoxious and stupid Pat could possibly be, rather than showing Pat's optimistic spirit.  Out of all the movies based on Saturday Night Live, this one is the worst.  I would choose A Night at the Roxxbury and Superstar over It's Pat any day.  Am I biased against this?  Probably.  Adaptation movies, if they are based on sketches, have higher expectations because we expect the thing's to work in them as they did in their source material, but It's Pat fails at being It's Pat.

Verdict:  Do the legacy of Pat a favor and burn every copy of It's Pat you can find.  This even has a score of 0% on RottenTomatoes.com, but there is no way it will be a so-bad-it's-good cult classic like Manos: The Hands of Fate or Troll 2.  Much like how V's face is never revealed in V for Vendetta (and for good reason), Pat's gender is also never revealed, like in the sketches (also for good reason).  In other word's, It's Pat is just one sketch stretched into a feature film with nothing funny.


  1. I remember watching this a long time ago when I was young and I don't remember a thing from it. It's for the best I think.

  2. I'll have to look out for this one thanks.

  3. Have never heard of this film.... pry cuz its just as bad as you said.

  4. thanks! will definitely have to watch it

  5. hmmm, I've never heard of this, either. I might 'not' look at it?

  6. god awful, interesting review tho haha

  7. bad movie...

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  8. I have never seen this, I am curious to download to see how bad it is lol

  9. Doesn't look like something I'd watch.

  10. watched it, I want to die now

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